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General Power of Attorney format

Here is a Sample Power of Attrony Format:


KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS, that I, ___________________________, S/o/ D/o W/o. ________________________ permanent resident of __________________________________________ and is trading license owner/holder of business of ___________________________ at ________________________ issued by ___________________________, for Sub-Divisional Officers, ___________________ District, (_______________ State)

            AND IN KNOW TO ALL that business of my trading license in managing and look after,  I, do hereby appoint and constitute ________________________________, S/o, D/o , W/o __________________________, aged about ____________ years, permanent resident of _____________________________________________________________,  and presently residing at__________________________________________________________________, by occupation ________________, P.O. & P.S. _________________, District ___________________, ___________________ to be my true and lawful attorney for me, on my behalf and in the name of the aforesaid trading license and execute all or any of the following acts, deeds and things:-


1.             That to do and manage the aforesaid business and to run the aforesaid trading licenses it has imperative on my part to appoint ___________________ as an attorney for the aforesaid purposes.

2.             To appear before any office and represent in my name and on behalf of my trading license and submit any documents in my name and on behalf of my trading license.

3.             To represent me before any Register or Sub-Registrar in connection with the firm and shall represent on my behalf and shall submit all necessary documents before any Govt. such as Central Govt., State Govt., Companies, Corporation, any society or associations, etc. pertains to my work or works in connection with my trading license.

4.             To any banking accounts with any bank/banks in the name of the trading license and on my behalf and to operate account/accounts by attorney freely and effectively.

5.             To apply cash credit and term loan or such terms and conditions and with the security of stocks of the trading license, the bank at _____________________________ or any other banks, as my attorney deems fit and necessary and to make necessary. 

6.             To look after my whole business in the name of trading license, in the entire __________________________ (Place of Business) and to open a bank account in any other branch or branches.

7.             To engage, employ and dismiss any servant or servants and agent or agents and other person or persons in connection with the aforesaid business. If my Attorney wants to obtain any advance loan from any bank or banks or financial institutions may do so at his own risk and in that event the aforesaid firm or Executant shall not be held liable for any eventualities of loan taken by the Attorney Holder.

8.             AND GENERALLY to do, execute, and perform any other act or acts, Deed or Deeds, things etc. which in the opinion of my said Attorney ought to be done, executed, and performed in relation to my aforesaid firm and affairs thereto as sole and effectually as I myself could do the same if I were personally present.

9.             To represent fully and exclusively my said firm in any litigation, case or suits for the purpose of protecting interest of my firm to file any case, complaint, or suits with any Court of Authority concerned to defend such case, complaint, plaints, or petition to swear any Affidavit, suits or litigation to sign any paper,-documents, to engage any advocate to sign vakalatnama, to pay legal fees, to verify any statements to prefer any appeal toll full and final interest of my said firm is being protected to the satisfactory of my attorney.

10.          To submit any bills, demand for payment return for any security pertaining to the business of my said trading license and to accept any draft, cheque, cash, order for any payments or any other negotiable instruments, security due to my said firm and to give proper and effectual receipt thereof.


    IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I the said EXECUTANT hereby set and subscribed my hand on this …………. day of ………………………….. at ……………………………...




WITNESS: -                                                                                          ____________________________








Executed before me on this …….. Day of ……………… 20…..



DRAFTED BY: -                                                            EXECUTIVE MAGISTRATE

2nd  Sample Power of Attorney Format

PDF | General Power of Attorney format

Power of Attorney format for Plot of Land Sale/Purchase


            This Agreement of power of Attorney is made and executed on this……………..day of……………….20…….., that I ____________________________, S/o, D/o ,W/o _______________________________, a permanent resident of village _______________, Po/Ps- ________________ District ____________________, ___________________ do hereby constitute, appoint, authorize and nominate, ______________________, S/o. D/o, W/o __________________________________, a permanent resident of _____________________________________________ as my lawful attorney in my name and my behalf for selling out of plot of land situated at _______________ under _______________ circle, schedule mention below. Through this power of attorney, I do hereby empower him/her to execute or sell the entire plot of land to any 3rd parties and do all or any of the acts or things hereinafter mentioned, that is to say: -

1.      To enter any lawful agreement or contract in the name in regards to the plot of land to sell to any third party.

2.      To operate, manage and control to the sale of the said plot of land by the attorney holder independently without my interference.

3.      To raise any dispute in connection with the monetary transaction with any individuals during the Attorney period, even after the expiry of the Attorney period.

4.      To all terms and conditions for the validity of Power of Attorney shall be operating till________________ and if the power of attorney holder fails to sell a said plot of land within_________________ then she will no right claim furthermore in near future.

5.      That this Power of Attorney is generally executed, for carrying out of selling of said plot of land and if the profits arising out of selling of said plot of land by the Attorney Holder, executants have no right to claim a such profit.

6.      That this Power of Attorney shall remain in force for till_____________ and I hereby agree that this Power of Attorney shall be irrevocable.


AND I do hereby for myself, my heirs, executors, administrator and legal representatives agree that all acts, deeds, and things done by my attorney shall be construed as acts deeds and things done by me and I undertake to ratify and confirm all


And whatsoever that my attorney shall lawfully do or cause to be done in the firm name by virtue of the power of attorney hereby given.

                        IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we signed this deed on this _________________at ________

Schedule of Property:

1.      Location:                                 __________________________.

2.      Land measurement:                ____________________ Sqmtrs.

3.      Bounded by (Boundary)

a)      North:

b)      South:

c)      East:

d)      West:


[____________]                                                                                                [___________]

  Executant                                                                                                       Attorney Holder




1.      __________________________

2.      __________________________

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